• This earthy tomato and red clay soap embodies our vision of creating an eco-friendly product made with rescued tomato that is nourishing to our planet, skin, and soul. Powdered tomato is the foundation of our soap, which has been infused with red clay to create a balance of gentle tomato leaf essential oil and frech notes of lemon, basil, and thyme. Our eco bars are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory qualities due to the lycopene and zeaxanthin found in tomatoes. We use Himalayan salt and organic olive oil as olive oil is the oil that is closest to our body’s natural oil production making it an excellent choice to hydrate. We use organic coconut oil and the luxurious almond oil to add a luscious healing moisturizer to our eco bars. Our soap is suitable for all skin types.

    Tomato Rescue Bar

      • Powdered Tomato
      • Himilayan Salt
      • Organic Olive Oil
      • Organic Coconut Oil
      • Almond Oil
      • Red Clay