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Upcycling! The Bicycle of Dumpster Divers!

They say ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure‘ and I have taken that to heart my whole life.

You can call it boredom, a useless talent or maybe even a mild hoarding problem, but I truly believe that everything has the potential and deserves to become something new. I will say however, the art of upcycling takes a whole bunch of practice. Myself and other crafters alike have the eye for new opportunities, if you are interested in upcycling and giving things new purpose keep reading for some tips and tricks in collecting supplies and getting stared on your up cycling journey!

Everything has the potential for further use.

we often throw things away like, for example: yogurt and butter containers. I personally have a little bin for used plastic containers that I think could have an alternative use.

I do recommend third approach to upcycling though I’d say monthly upkeep on your collection is necessary.

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