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Nogeco was founded by a group of teenagers in 2019, who with the help of Startup Unidos, set on a path to create a solution to their community’s issue of an abundance of food waste. Besides overseers and mentors, the company is run by students from the ages of thirteen to twenty, all enrolled in school full time.

The company’s founders aim to to sell our product to individuals that are conscious about what they are putting in or on their body, as well as those that want to help the environment and support their community.

ALso known as the coolest kids around...

Vivian Probst

Marketing Director

Andrea altamarino

Community Relations Director

Sergio Astorga

Legal Consult

Janelle Estrella

Social & Digital Media Director

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Luis Barnett

Data & Analytics Director

Mina Talavera

Research and Planning Director

Fernanda Ruiz

Program Director


Compost Cats Student Mentor


Compost Cats Student Mentor

Daniel Collazo

Compost Cats Student Mentor

Nicole Cabrera

Operations Director

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Our Mission

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Reduce Food Waste

Our company is centered around food waste first and foremost, as well as the impacts it has on our community's enviorment. Even with the efforts of produce companies trying to reduce waste, millions of pounds of consumable produce was ending up in our landfills. Our approach is a preemptive one, intercepting a vegetable or fruits journey to the trash where it becomes unsalvageable. Our principles of staying ecofriendly and true to what our community needed, gave way to our rescued health and wellness products. Our processes prevent little to not wasted byproduct, at any point in it's second chance of serviceable life.

Empower the Youth

As founders, we take great pride in having started our business as full time students. This is particularly important in a culture that values our elders as much as ours. The youth here suffer from what can be described as casual belittling, meaning we don't readily have support for big ideas or outlandish dreams. With our story, we want to inspire youth, acting as a beacon of hope to those who've been put down and told their dreams aren't achievable here in our quaint border town. We promise to use our voices as entrepreneurs, activists, and proud latinx youth, to show future generations that they have all the power to impact their communities.

Change the Narrative

The sad reality of living in  a border town is that outsiders assume things of the people living there. Often times we're only associated with cartels, the border wall, immigration policies and a number of other negative points, and it hurts to not be known for all the amazing things we have to offer as a bicultural community. We want to change the news stories of kids in smuggling rings to kids being accepted into Ivy League schools, or change the conversations about dangerous neighborhoods and show off all the volunteer work people do out of the kindness of their hearts. Our home deserves a better reputation, and we know the only way we'll get there is through our hard work as a community.